Colour Inspo: FRUITS

Fruits can be a great inspiration for paint colours. Bring your home to life in a cheerful and citrusy way with colour inspo from the orange and lemon, peach and banana, and avocado and watermelon! Get ready for a yummy colour palette!



A vibrant pop of colour can help create a happy home and a cheerful mood! Go bright and bold with orange by using different hues to instantly jazz up and give life to your home. Orange is a contemporary and stimulating colour that can add an unexpected twist to any space. Orange you glad you saw this?


Thinking of a bright, sunny and summery colour palette? Then lemon is for you! Packing a punch, yellow increases mental activity and energy levels. Yellow has many different hues, including gold, caramel and mustard, allowing you to add depth and vibrance to your space. Add some lemon vibes to your space today... it’s simply the zest!


You wanna peach of this? Peach and pink colours can be more difficult to use than other colours and hues because of their contrast with other colours and textures. However, light pinks can be a great neutral or pastel tone, and more vibrant and peachier the colours, the more strength and creativity it can provoke.


Banana yellow can transport you to that tropical holiday you'd rather be on. We’re head over heels for this peel-good colour that can instantly lift your mood, and bring vibrancy and earthy tones with the its various hues. We're going bananas for this colour inspo, and so should you! 


There's nothing more refreshing than a juicy slice of watermelon on a warm day. Bright and stimulating, watermelon pinks can transform any room by bringing depth and energy depending on the hue. Whether they’re used as a consistent theme or standalone piece, this colour is bound to stand out!


Okay, we know what you’re thinking... “you’ve guac to be joking!” However, green has transformed into a colour trend throughout fashion and interior design, and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. This colour has a great array of accents and tones, and represents growth, positivity and luck.

“Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” - Pablo Picasso