Prepcoat UltraCover

Seals stains, superior adhesion, interior & exterior use. Primer, sealer & undercoat. Blocks efflorescence leaching. Use with water or oil-Bases.

Available in: 4 Litres, 10 Litres & 15 Litres

From $71.95


Low Sheen Acrylic White

Scrubbable • Stain Resistant • Easy to Clean • Washable • 99% VOC Free

Available in: 4 Litres, 10 Litres & 15 Litres

From $71.95


Exterior Solashield

For superior, long lasting exterior protection. • Repels Dirt & Mould • Salt Resistant • Ultimate UV Defence • Self Priming • 20 Year Guarantee Against Peeling Flaking Blistering.

Available in: 4 Litres, 10 Litres & 15 Litres

From $71.95


Ultratrim Acrylic Enamel

The ultimate low-odour, water-based trim paint gives a smooth finish and is easy to clean. Durable, non-chipping, non-yellowing, 2 hour recoat. Interior & Exterior.

Available in: 4 Litres & 10 Litres

From $81.95


High Tech Micro-Fibre 3Pk

• High absorbtion • Superior paint pick-up • Low spatter & lint-free • Ultimate smooth finish

Available in: 230 x 10mm ($17.95) & 270 x 10mm ($19.95)

From $17.95


Cetol Deck 10L

A highly water repellent, weather resistant, high build transparent coating for exterior timber decks and handrails. For a natural look and extra hard-wearing premium UV protection and durability, use 1 coat of Cetol HLSe 077 Pine followed by 2 coats of Cetol Deck.



Control Pro 350 with Skid

For medium up to very large DIY projects. • Less overspray • Maximum control • Less fatigue • Longer equipment life.



Flexio 570

The FLEXiO 570 is the perfect all-rounder for indoor and outdoor projects around the house & garden. Powerful X-BOOST™ turbine provides enough power to spray any conventional paints, undiluted!



Twist Lock Ext Pole

Twist lock extension poles extend so that you can reach further.

Available in: 1.2 - 2.4m



14 Day Masking Tape

14 day tape allows you to leave it on your project for the next day and up to 14 days!

Available in: 24mm ($5.95), 36mm ($6.95) and 48mm ($8.95

From $5.95


Cetol HLSe 5L

Cetol HLSe is a stand-alone 3 coat system for the decoration and protection of timber decking, outdoor furniture and cladding. Can be used as a primer for other Sikkens timber applications.



Light Weight Plastic Drop Sheet

Protect your surroundings with the 2.6m x 3.6m light weight plastic drop sheet.



Simply Woodcare Decking Oil

Advanced Formulation to Repel Water, Mould, Algae & UV Rays • Preserves & Protects Timber • Solvent-Based

Available in: 4 Litres

From $69



Makes paint stick! Rusted steel, galvanised iron, aluminium, old enamel & varnish, old & new wood, even glass. Increases paint flow & penetration. Assure adhesion & prevents peeling. Stops rust & controls corrosion.

Available in: 500mL, 1L, 4L

500mL from $18.95


Easy Surface Prep

ESP Easy Surface Prep cleans the old surface and leaves a permanent bonding film to which paint will adhere firmly - all in one application. Wipe it on. Wipe it off. Paint after 90 minutes.The paint will stick everytime. Guaranteed!

Available in: 500mL, 1L, 4L

500mL from $19.95


3M Masking Tape with 50mm & 63mm Sash Cutter

Includes 50mm Sash Cutter, 63mm Sash Cutter, plus 24mm, 36mm and 48mm Scotch Tape pack.



Polyfilla Pro Gaps Original

The original and the best. Flexible gap filler provides a smooth finish and is paintable after 30 minutes.

Also available:
S20 Gap Sealant
M40 Flexible Filler
W50 Weatherboard Filler

from $3.50 each

(Poly Pro Gaps Original)

Skeleton Caulking Gun & Hook

Suits standard tubes. Quality steel frame.



Super Filler

Powerful, water resistant GSA Super Filler is for exterior or interior use on surfaces such as mortar, concrete, AC sheeting, besser bricks, new and old timber, metal, and plasterboard.

Available in: 0.2L & 0.75L

From $7.95


Superglow Thinner

Specifically formulated for thinning or reducing acrylic lacquer topcoats & most single pack primers including etch primers, primer surfacers, primer fillers & spray putties.

Available in: 4 L & 20 L

4L from $25.95


Zinsser Cover Stain

• Best exterior wood sealer • Blocks cedar & redwood bleed • Dries in 1 hour • Interior & Exterior • Sticks to all surfaces without sanding • Seals water, smoke & nicotine stains

Available in: 4 L & 10 L

4L from $77.50



Hammercoat is suitable for use on metal parts, castings, sheet metal work, machinery, trailers, metal structures, indoor and outdoor furniture, timber and many other applications.

Available in: 1 L, 4 L & Aerosol

4L from $69.95


Rust Not

Suitable on a variety of metal surfaces such as mild steel, galvanised and zinc coated steel, aluminium, after application of suitable primer.

Available in: 1 L, 4 L & Aerosol

4L from $105.95