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  • Looking for the perfect combination of natural hues to update your home?
    This new palette of Blended Neutrals, with nuances of colours bring together nude tones and hints of pink and blue, to add a more grounded, softer and calming feel to a room.

    Colour Used - Haymes Siesta

    Styling By - Ruth Welsby
    Photography By - Martina Gemmola

    Credits: Norsu interiors, Hunting for George, Kate & Kate Home, CULT Design, House of Orange
    Haymes Paint
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  • When it's almost home time..Haymes Paint Trade
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  • Nothing better than the sound of a roaring fire on a cold morningParkes Paint & Heating
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  • How beautiful! This home shows how white walls can be warmed up & given plenty of character with colourful home decor. Thanks to @jasonproducts for the room inspiration.Simmers Paint & Hardware
    Posted 7 hrs + 28 mins ago
  • This post from one of the great local painters just shows how much preparation needs doing before any paint goes on well done guys.. The boys have been flat out on this lovely home, with almost a full grind off and a 3 coat acrylic exterior paint system to follow after a few running repairs along the way this place will look like newPaintRight Colac
    Posted 1 day + 12 hrs ago
  • Haymes 'Murphy's Run' certainly gets our vote as a stand out feature in this recent shoot from our friends at Globe West. It adds perfect balance to the dark timbers and natural colour palette used to style this room. Colour used - Haymes Murphy’s runSimmers Paint & Hardware
    Posted 1 day + 16 hrs ago
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  • On the 7th of May it was great to visit the old Dodge at 4 Pines Brewery Brookvale New South Wales, which is it's new home as a truck bar. We met and talked with Tom ( 4 Pines social media), patrons can access the trucks cab and here's Lachlan enjoying the old Dodge truck with the help of dad! 4 Pines Brewing CompanyE.W Bulte - Ararat PaintRight
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  • There aren't a lot of family owned companies left in Australia & we're proud to be among that special group.

    Family is everything to us at Haymes!
    Haymes Paint
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  • This is true!Haymes Paint Trade
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  • There aren't a lot of family owned companies left in Australia & we're proud to be among that special group.

    Family is everything to us at Haymes!
    Haymes Paint Trade
    Posted 3 days + 21 hrs ago
  • The best way to protect your home whilst making it look great! Paint Centre
    Posted 3 weeks + 6 days ago
  • Tips Tuesday: Before the pros paint walls, they fill holes and patch cracks with joint compound. But if you paint directly over it, the compound will suck the moisture out of the paint, giving it a flat, dull look (a problem called "flashing"). Those spots will look noticeably different than the rest of the wall. To avoid that, pros prime the walls before painting. Instead of using white primer, pros usually have it tinted gray or a color that's similar to the finish paint.Sequence Australia
    Posted 3 hrs + 21 mins ago
  • It was a big day of painting...Haymes Paint Trade
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  • About 70 litres of paint stolen at the weekend.PaintRight
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  • #Throwback to last years PRISM exhibition at Fenton & Fenton featuring our Haymes - Wedgewood.
    This is the perfect trans-seasonal colour palette, keeping you cooler in the Summer months but also offering a calm, balanced and relaxed feel throughout Autumn and Winter.

    Colour Used - Haymes Wedgewood
    Haymes Paint
    Posted 1 day + 5 hrs ago
  • Red and a Pink Flamingo !!! Haymes Paint Adventure red feature wall with matching LaGrolla 'Flamingo' textured print series.PaintRight Colac
    Posted 16 hrs + 27 mins ago
  • OFFICIAL MR BEAN. Mr Bean attempts a spot of DIY and tries to paint his room. He covers everything in newspaper and uses fireworks to blow up the tin. From D...Parkes Paint & Heating
    Posted 2 days + 18 hrs ago
  • Tips Tuesday: Avoid Drips as you Paint

    Masking tape does a good job of protecting woodwork—if it's applied well. Clean off all the dirt and grime along the edge of the trim with a damp rag. Hold the tape tight against the wall and roll it out so the tape covers the edge. Press the tape against the wood with a putty knife along the entire length. Use painter's tape that's at least twice as wide as the trim and leave it flared out to protect the face of the trim from drips.
    Sequence Australia
    Posted 44 mins ago
  • A painted front door wil freshen the appeal of your home in an instant! It's a DIY job you can knock over in a day. Visit us in-store for inspiration on the best door colour to suit your home.Simmers Paint & Hardware
    Posted 1 day + 1 hr ago
  • Another Perfect Colour match done today for this Maserati 4200 Coupe Cambio Corsa, Small touch up bottle Only $34.95 Using Quality Automotive PPG Product.Terrace Paints
    Posted 23 hrs ago
  • Commonly Asked Questions...

    I live along a harsh seashore environment, where there is high humidity, wind-driven rain, and salt. Which is the best product to use, an acrylic or oil based paint?

    Answer: Acrylic paints have demonstrated outstanding durability in the most rugged of environments, including direct sunlight, moisture from rain and snow, and at the seashore. Due to the superior adhesion of acrylic paints, they don't tend to blister, crack or flake when exposed to rain or high humidity, compared to oil based paints. Note: Prior to painting, wash away any salt deposits found on the surface, along with any chalking.
    Lavington Paint Centre
    Posted 2 days + 19 hrs ago
  • Meet Roger our very own paint guru who has worked for Haymes paints (and now Simmers) for over 11 years! Roger is on hand to help with all of your paint & DIY needs! So whether you need paint tinting, product information or just general advice on how to get the job done - call in-store to speak to Roger!Simmers Paint & Hardware
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  • Her Mummy fell over whilst painting and her 3yo daughter knew what to do. We take our hats off to little Sophie & her proud mum. 👏👏😇 Why Is My Doggy Barking? Dispatch was masterful when 3-Year-Old Sofia called for help! This Wonderful Video Was Put Together by Metro & Essex Police. GREAT Job Sofia ❤ Share if you agree❗ — Products shown: DOG HAIR DON'T CARE.PaintRight Cairns
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  • Oh my goodness! I need a Hank! #cutePaintRight
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  • Weatherboards or brick ?Parkes Paint & Heating
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  • Paintback is a cost-effective solution for households and trade painters to remove unwanted paint and packaging.

    Paintback is establishing collection points Australia-wide, starting in major population areas and aiming to have 70 permanent sites over the next three years.
    Haymes Paint Trade
    Posted 1 day + 2 hrs ago
  • Love the fresh look of this exterior.
    Zoom in to check out the sneak splash of colour on the screen door.
    Parkes Paint & Heating
    Posted 4 hrs + 17 mins ago