Caravan Restoration

You may not be thinking much about your caravan at the moment, holiday season seems so far away! If you have an old caravan in the shed that hasn’t seen the road in a while, then now might be a great time to take on a renovation project! Revitalizing your old caravan for the upcoming summer is easier than you may think; from interior to exterior here are some tips to rejuvenate that camper!


Let’s be honest. No matter the age or brand, your caravan’s exterior is probably quite dull. The endless parades of plain white caravans at caravan parks and campgrounds are perfect examples of lost opportunity. It doesn’t have to be big and bold, simple pastel blues and yellows work great to bring a little life and character to your caravan while contributing to the relaxed vibe you’re chasing on your holidays. Painting an exterior may seem daunting as you try and figure out what kind of paint you need. For surfaces like caravan exteriors, go for enamel paints like Haymes Ultratrim Acrylic Enamel to get that perfect glossy finish. These paints are extremely durable, don’t yellow or chip meaning they’re perfect for exterior surfaces, and can be used with a brush, roller or spray. Be sure to give the areas you want to paint a good scrub with sugar soap first to clear away any grime and grease and potentially a light sand to buff away the gloss and make sure your surface is ready to paint.


Haymes Somerset 2479

Haymes Gaiety 2012


Cabinetry is a huge part of a caravan’s interior and too often unsightly laminate cabinets detract from that relaxed, cosy and comfy feel that you’re looking for. Fortunately, a simple paint job can significantly improve the interior of your caravan without breaking the bank. Make sure you thoroughly clean the surface before painting, then prime the it with laminate primer and give it a light sand before adding your topcoat. As for colour, simple white is a great way to open up the smaller, crowded space that caravans naturally are, but lighter colours work well too.


The absolute most important factor in having a great holiday is comfort. Without ripping out and changing everything, there are simple things that can be done to increase the comfort in your van. Cushions, blankets and even a rug can help soften some of those sharp edges and angles found in caravans. Indoor plants are also a great way to bring some of the nature you’re out exploring with you on your journeys. Hanging plants work great in caravans as they take up no bench space and won’t go sliding around when on the road!

Not just for the road

Perhaps you bought a caravan and realized it wasn’t your thing. Maybe you just can’t find the time to get out on the road. Never fear! Your caravan can remain stationary without just taking up space. If you have young children, a caravan could make an amazing cubby house that encourages kids to get outside and active. Maybe you have a teenager that refuses to clean up after themselves? Move them out into their very own detached bedroom and let them deal with their mess! Granny flats, guest bedrooms and garden sheds… there are an array of other uses for your old caravan to keep it from being just a waste of space.