Timber Projects

Make Your Deck a Barbecue-stopper!

You’ve got the best deck on the street and you’d love to have the crew around for a barbecue but it’s tired – you meant to coat it two summers ago, never got around to it and now you wouldn’t even think about entertaining on it.

SIKKENS Guide To Woodcare

The weather is heating up folks, that means it is entertainment season! Therefore, it is time to get off the couch and go out side and prepare your deck for the upcoming festivities.

Is Your Deck a Daydream or a Nightmare?

Summer is finally here so it’s time to slap on some sunscreen, get your outdoor cushions out of the garage and take a book (and a cocktail) out to your deck for some chill time. But hang on a minute- how’s the state of your...

Choosing the right decking finish

How do you choose the right decking finish and where do you start? Well, the experts from Haymes are here to help!

Top Tips for DIY Deck and Woodcare Maintenance

DIY doesn’t have to be a disaster. Deck care and maintenance can be easy and achievable, as well as long lasting. All it takes is a few of the right tools, correct application and a little elbow grease to keep your outdoor entertaining area in top shape..

Fight Your Deck's Visible Signs of Aging in 3 Simple Steps

Australians love the great outdoors and during summer our decks become the heart of the home, playing host to countless BBQs, family get-togethers and lazy afternoons outside. This year, don’t let ageing, greying timber hinder you from enjoying...