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PaintRight is a dedicated paint and decorating specialist, so there's no better place for advice when it comes to your next project. Your friendly PaintRight professional can help you choose the right tools and finishes for almost any task. The help starts right here - use our handy paint Calculator or Colourwall to get the job right.

7 Easy DIY Projects to Update Your Home with Paint

Paint is one of the most versatile tools in your DIY toolkit, capable of transforming the look and feel of your home in a cost-effective way...

How to Paint Your Front Door to Enhance Your Curb Appeal

Your front door is more than just an entry point; it's a focal point of your home's exterior...

The Benefits of Using Primer Before Painting

Painting is a transformative way to refresh and beautify your home, but to achieve the best results, don't skip the crucial step of using primer...

How to Paint a Floor to Give It a New Look

If your tired-looking floor is in need of a makeover, painting it can be a cost-effective and creative solution...

5 Ways to Make a Small Room Look Larger with Paint

Small rooms can feel cosy and charming, but they often come with a challenge: how to make the space appear more spacious and open...

The Best Way to Store Leftover House Paint

After a home improvement project, it's common to have some leftover house paint...

Unlocking Emotions: The Power of Colour Psychology in Home Design

Colour psychology plays a vital role in shaping our emotions, moods, and overall well-being.

5 Trending Colour Combinations for a Stylish Living Room

Your living room is the heart of your home—a place to relax, entertain, and express your personal style.

10 Essential Safety Precautions for Home Painting

Painting your home can be a rewarding DIY project, but it's essential to prioritise safety throughout the process.

The Importance of Selecting High-Quality Paint for Your Home

When it comes to home improvement projects, choosing the right paint is not just about selecting the perfect colour to match your décor.

How to Choose the Perfect Paint for Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is more than just a place to cook; it's the heart of your home, where family and friends gather.

The History of House Paint: A Journey Through Time

House paint, with its ability to transform the appearance and protect the structure of our homes, has a rich and colourful history that spans centuries. Join us on a journey through time as we explore the fascinating evolution of house paint.

Interior Design Trends: Luxury Monochromatic

By using different shades, textures, and patterns of the same colour, a monochromatic colour scheme can be made interesting and dynamic.

Get the Look: Art Moderne (Interior Design) Styling

One of the key features of Art Moderne interior design is its use of bold, graphic elements.

Get the Look: Boho (Interior Design) Styling

Boho interior design is a popular and timeless style that continues to evolve and offer a free-spirited and eclectic approach to home decor.

Add Value to your Home with Fixtures

There are a variety of fixtures and upgrades that can add real estate value to a home in Australia.

Get the Look: Transitional (Interior Design) Styling

Transitional interior design is a style that seamlessly blends traditional and contemporary design elements to create a cohesive and timeless look.

Interior Design Trends: Calm Nature

Calm Nature Interior Design is a trend that continues to grow in popularity in 2023, as more and more people seek to bring a sense of nature into their homes.

Get the Look: Japandi (Interior Design) Styling

One of the key features of Japandi Interior Design is the use of natural materials, such as wood, bamboo, and linen.

Top 5 Reasons to Paint your House

Repainting your home is a great way to refresh your personal style and make a statement.

Get the Look: French Country (Interior Design) Styling

This style is characterised by its warm and inviting atmosphere, as well as its use of natural materials, elegant furnishings, and soft, muted colour palettes.

Interior Design Trends: Instagrammable Lounge

One of the key features of Instagrammable lounge interior design is the use of statement pieces, such as unique and eye-catching furniture, stylish lighting fixtures, and bold accent walls.

Get the Look: Mid-Century (Interior Design) Styling

Mid-century interior design is a style that continues to be popular in 2023, offering a sleek and stylish look to any space.

Get the Look: Shabby Chic (Interior Design) Styling

If you're looking for a design style that is both romantic and practical, shabby chic interior design is the perfect choice for you.

Get the Look: Industrial (Interior Design) Styling

This style is inspired by the raw, industrial aesthetic of factories and warehouses, and it features a mix of metal, concrete, and wood elements.

Creative Wall Designs - Murals and Wallpaper

Murals and wallpapers can transform a room with minimal effort, covering up imperfections while adding colour, texture, and personality

Interior Design Trends: Digital Realism (Cyberpunk) Styling

Cyberpunk, also known as digital realism, is an interior design style that has been growing in popularity in 2023. This style is characterised by a futuristic, technology-driven aesthetic...

Get the Look: Art Deco (Interior Design) Styling

This style emerged in the 1920s and 1930s, and it is characterised by its use of bold geometric shapes, rich colours, and luxurious materials.

Most Common Types of Paint Rollers

There are several different types of paint rollers that are commonly used for house painting, each with its own specific uses

Most Common Types of Paint Brushes

There are several types of paint brushes used for house painting, each with their own unique purpose.

Get the Look: Hollywood Glam (Interior Design) Styling

Whether you're looking to create a chic and sophisticated living room or a luxurious bedroom, Hollywood glam interior design is the perfect style to bring a touch of glamour and sophistication to your home.

Paint Colours that Add Value to your Home

These colours are also easy to decorate around and can make a home feel more timeless and classic.

Interior Design Trends - Arches

The use of arches in interior design has become a trend in 2023 because they add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space, making it look more beautiful and refined.

Get the Look: Contemporary (Interior Design) Styling

Contemporary is a modern, ever-evolving style that incorporates clean lines, simple forms, and minimal embellishments.

2023 Colour Trends

The colours digital lavender, verdigris, sundial, luscious red, and tranquil blue are trending in 2023 because they offer a fresh and modern take on traditional colour palettes.

Get the Look: Mediterranean (Interior Design) Styling

Mediterranean-style interior design generally refers to the aesthetics of Southern European countries that border the Mediterranean Sea, and originated in the 1920’s when people were a little more consumed with wealth and leisure.

Cool or Warm Whites

When deciding between cool or warm whites, think about the lighting in your room and the vibe you want to create within your space...

Get the Look: Beach-house Styling

Beach-House Style or Coastal Design - however you describe it, you’re going to want to do a mix of wood finishes, some curtains and blinds, natural elements and whites...

LED Lighting

LED Lights are taking over - and you can create some jaw-dropping spaces with just a bit of creativity and an LED lighting strip...

Get the Look: French Provincial (Interior Design) Styling

French Provincial styling began over 320 years ago...

Watermelon & Avocado - Fruit Colour Inspo

This colour inspiration will have you feeling far from meloncholy! And we know what you're thinking, "you've guac to be joking!"...

Outdoor Living

Outdoor living – don’t the words just make you feel good?

Get the Look: Farmhouse Styling

Farmhouse sounds self-explanatory - however, it’s not all barn doors and browns - Farmhouse has gone modern...

Bold Colours

Colour can create emotion, drama, and depth...

Get the Look: Retro (Interior Design) Styling

When it comes to Retro – we’re commonly talking 50s, 60s and 70s styles. This era embraced a kaleidoscope of contrasting colours and design features...

Incorporating Stonemasonry into your Home

Geologically, there are hundreds of natural stones; commercially, there are 10: granite, limestone, marble, onyx, quartzite, sandstone, serpentine, slate, soapstone, and travertine...

Peach & Banana - Fruit Colour Inspo

We’re head-over-peels for these peel-good colours that can instantly lift your mood and bring vibrancy to any space.

Lighting Fixtures

If the new generation has taught us anything - it’s all about lighting. Lighting makes a massive difference to your space...

Get the Look: Modern Styling

Modern design style is cross between German Bauhaus and Scandinavian, it’s made up of a crisp and bright, monochromatic colour palette and clean lines...


Weatherboard is an excellent choice of exterior for your home as they cool quickly, they provide a lot flexibility when it comes to ground and soil movement, and they can be the best environmentally friendly option.

Get the Look: Cottage Styling

Cottage style is all about comfortable furnishings, fresh colours and natural elements...

Orange & Lemon - Fruit Colour Inspo

#SqueezeTheDay with this awesome Orange and Lemon Colour Inspiration! #SimplyTheZest

Different Shades of White

Anyone who has ever painted a house knows there’s not just 1 type of white and so choosing the right paint can be hard, and that’s why PaintRight is here!

Get The Look: Scandinavian Styling

If you're after a minimalist and functional design movement, then the Scandinavian Style may be for you. Let's take a look at some inspiration to bring this trendy, yet traditional style into your home.

Warm-Up For Winter

As the temperatures begin to drop, it’s important to make sure your home is the perfect cosy retreat from the winter chill. If you’re in need of some inspiration, here are a few tricks and tips to turning your home into the perfect winter paradise!

Find Space in Your Place

Are your four walls feeling a little smaller than they used to be? With everyone spending some extra time at home right now, it can feel like you’re beginning to run out of space in your home. Let's take a look at some awesome storage hacks to help you de

Finding the 5th Wall

Are you wanting to transform your room from dull and boring to instantly eye-catching? Why not consider the 5th wall; the ceiling! Let us inspire you with some tips, tricks and stunning examples.

DIY Projects to Tackle While Spending Time at Home

Okay, so things are a little hectic right now. With everything that’s going on, the ability to build and create things can provide some much-needed positivity. If you’re spending a little more time at home at the moment, here are some nice and easy DIY pr

Colour for Conservatives

Are you looking to add a splash of colour to your home, without going over the top? Today we’re going to be looking at a few easy ways to bring bold colours into your home, without going to the extreme of painting an entire room.

Texture Techniques: Sponging

It’s texture time! In this edition of Texture Techniques, we’re going to be looking at sponging. One of the easiest and most rewarding decorative painting techniques, sponging allows for complete creative freedom and produces some truly amazing results. I

Texture Techniques: Strie

It’s time to dive back into the world of textured painting. Today we're looking at Strie, a French technique designed to mimic the look of aged paint, or even linen!

Easy Ways To Add Character To Your Home

Generally, modern homes are clean cut and simple, giving a spacious feel to even the smallest of rooms but often lacking character. Here are a few tips, for both the beginner designers and the hardcore renovators, for adding a little more character to you

Pantone Colour of the Year 2020: Classic Blue

New Year, New Colour of the Year! Here are a few tips to using Classic Blue – and a blue palette in general – in your home, whether you want to go all out or keep it a little more subtle.

Budget Bathroom Makeovers

Is your bathroom in need of a revamp? While the grand claw-foot bathtub or the luxurious modern wet room might be a while away yet, here are a few tips to giving your bathroom a makeover on a budget.

Texture Techniques: Colour Washing

Textured painting techniques have become increasingly popular of late as a way to add warmth and depth to your rooms. In this edition of Texture Techniques, we’re going to be looking at Colour Washing, a technique developed to mimic the look of aged walls

Revamping Your Sunday Ride

Admit it; you love the looks of envy you get from your mates and passersby cruising in your classic Sunday Ride, but if you want to keep those looks coming, your vintage car needs to be properly maintained.

Eliminate Your Energy Bills with these Eco-Renovations

With climate change accelerating and energy bills rising, “Green Architecture” has become an increasingly important field. Here are some eco-renovations you can do right now to make your home more energy efficient.

Enhancing the Value of Your Property

Maybe you’re thinking of selling your house. Maybe you’ve just bought an investment property. Here are 10 tips, big and small, to maximizing your property’s value.

Safeguarding Your Shed

If your shed has been looking a little worse for wear in recent years, here are a few quick tips to get it looking like the palace it truly is.

Getting Rid of Your Wallpaper Woes

You’ve just bought a new house and it’s a bit of a fixer-upper. Here are some tips for getting rid of your wallpaper woes!

Building the Ultimate Cubby House

It’s spring school holidays and that means two things; warm weather and your kids telling you they’re bored. Let their imagination run wild by building them their very own cubby house!

Caravan Restoration

If you have an old caravan in the shed that hasn’t seen the road in a while, then now might be a great time to take on a renovation project!

Freshen Up with a Feature Wall

Off-white, cream, ivory, beige, eggshell… five words that all mean the same thing; boring! Here are 6 styles of feature walls to inspire you to let your creative side out.

Top Tips for Getting Your Deck Summer Ready

Nicer weather is finally here so it’s time to slap on some sunscreen, get your outdoor cushions out of the garage and take a book (and a cocktail) out to your deck for some chill time. But hang on a minute- how’s the state of your deck? Fit for daydreamin

Spring Home Revitalising

It’s been a long, cold winter but it’s time to come out of hibernation! Spring is just around the corner and it’s time to rejuvenate your home as the flowers outside begin to bloom. Here are a few tips, big and small to make your home feel youthful and re

Man Cave Must-Haves

One way or another, you’ve always dreamed of it. Whether it be a place for you to escape with your mates to watch footy, drink beer and relax or you’re looking for somewhere to dump your man-child husband for a while and enjoy some quiet time yourself...

Interior Problem Solver

Most paint problems and painting mistakes are correctable. We've compiled solutions for the most common interior paint problems.

5 Ways to Elevate Your Bathroom

Bathrooms tend to be one of the most expensive rooms in your house to renovate but you don't need to gut it to make your bathroom feel more luxurious.

Kitchen Makeover (Minus the Large-Scale Renovation)

If you're looking to sell your home or you just think it needs a bit of a refresh, hearty renovations may be top of mind. While sometimes a major overhaul is necessary, usually you can get away with small upgrades that are budget friendly but have big...

Use Colour to Improve the Look and Feel of Your Home!

With hundreds of paint colours and shades available it is understandable why people choose to give up altogether, or end up choosing a colour that is unflattering and diminishes the spaces' value.

Cold Season Painting

Finally decided to repaint the house, patio or kids’ cubby house but you’ve missed the summer train? Don’t fret, you can still do so in the chilly season if you follow some important guidelines!

5 Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom This Winter

As the days get shorter and the temperature cooler, it can often bring on an itch to redecorate.

Outdoor Painting Tips

Renovating the outside of your home may seem daunting but with our tips on painting the exterior of a house you’ll be painting like a pro before you can say, “Van Gogh”. To achieve a quality finish follow our 10 tips on outdoor painting and create...

Make Something Old Feel New Again

Adding a fresh coat of paint to any room can make it feel like a brand-new space. The options are endless from painting your bathroom tiles, kitchen cupboards, bedroom doors and lounge room.......

School Holiday Bedroom Makeover

The kids are at home begging to do something fun, you've already been to every school holiday event in town, seen every movie at the cinemas and visited the in-laws, now what?

Biophilia Basics

As the weather begins to change the thought of venturing outdoors may not seem as appealing anymore, but for many of us our mood is lifted when we are among nature.

Freshen Up Your Front Door

A fresh coat of paint on your front door can do wonders for your curb appeal and add some personality to your home...

Decorating with Pantone's Colour of the Year!

Have you incorporated Living Coral into your home yet?

Roof Restoration!

DIY or hire a professional?

Oil-based or Water-based…that is the Question.

Sounds simple enough, but the answer is not always straightforward. It depends on what you’re coating and the finish you’re looking for.

Garage Floor Makeover!

Garage floors take a battering from constant vehicle and foot traffic, spills and stains, dust, grease...

Haymes’ Colour Forecast 2019

Haymes Paint’s latest re-edit of its colour forecast, Volume 11: Colour Conscience combines three central themes of contemporary living.

Make Your Deck a Barbecue-stopper!

You’ve got the best deck on the street and you’d love to have the crew around for a barbecue but it’s tired – you meant to coat it two summers ago, never got around to it and now you wouldn’t even think about entertaining on it.

Products to Keep You Shipshape

At PaintRight, we know the importance to boat owners of maintaining and caring for their pride and joy.

Winter 2018 Winners!

Congratulations to all of our winners!

SIKKENS Guide To Woodcare

The weather is heating up folks, that means it is entertainment season! Therefore, it is time to get off the couch and go out side and prepare your deck for the upcoming festivities.

A Guide to Entertainment Spaces

It's that time of the year again! Time to start thinking about how you can improve your outdoor entertainment spaces for the upcoming holiday festivities!

Feature Walls

Add some new life to your room by adding a feature wall! A feature wall is a simple and quick way to add a colourful pop to your home...

Tile Paint

Does your bathroom feel tired and outdated? Although this may be the case bathroom renovations are often expensive and take time....

Strip & Restore

Upcycling and re purposing old furniture is one of the hottest trends right now! More and more DIY enthusiasts are discovering the fun in transforming junk and old furniture into something new and stylish for the home!....

Painting Your Fence

A freshly painted fence can make your house look like a million dollars. Your fence is often the first thing people see when entering your home so why not make a great first impression!......

Painting Tips and Techniques

Learning how to paint interior and exterior spaces can be easy and you can discover how rewarding it can be to give your home a great new look. Just take a few steps to learn how to prepare the surface so you can then move to paint like a pro.

Is Your Deck a Daydream or a Nightmare?

Summer is finally here so it’s time to slap on some sunscreen, get your outdoor cushions out of the garage and take a book (and a cocktail) out to your deck for some chill time. But hang on a minute- how’s the state of your...

Coastal chic or casual luxe? The latest timber colour trends from Haymes

Take a look around any home design magazine, and you’ll see that timber, once simply a material used in construction, is now very much a stand-alone feature in contemporary architecture and design, both indoors and outdoors...

Does your deck need some TLC?

Summer is here and so too is outdoor living - is your deck up to the job of all that outdoor dining, entertaining and relaxing?

The Importance of Undercoat

It is a common misconception that many projects can be completed without an undercoat, 2 coats of low sheen will do just fine right? No! So let’s get a few basic rules out of the way to help you along on your next project...

Choosing the right decking finish

How do you choose the right decking finish and where do you start? Well, the experts from Haymes are here to help!

Top Tips for DIY Deck and Woodcare Maintenance

DIY doesn’t have to be a disaster. Deck care and maintenance can be easy and achievable, as well as long lasting. All it takes is a few of the right tools, correct application and a little elbow grease to keep your outdoor entertaining area in top shape..

Fight Your Deck's Visible Signs of Aging in 3 Simple Steps

Australians love the great outdoors and during summer our decks become the heart of the home, playing host to countless BBQs, family get-togethers and lazy afternoons outside. This year, don’t let ageing, greying timber hinder you from enjoying...

Durham House

Caroline Novinc and Mark Roderick are the Brisbane couple responsible for reviving this once dilapidated 1920s worker’s cottage. Originally intended to be a family home for six, the family soon outgrew the residence, and have since opened the doors to...

Poppy Lane, Scott Gibson & Family

I’ve been ITCHING to share today’s beautiful story with you. Finally, today is the day!...

Jo Twaddell, Toby McIntyre & Family

Today we visit the Elwood home of optometrist Jo Twaddell (of WINK Optometry), her husband Toby McIntyre (a physiotherapist) and their three young boys, Fred, George and Angus...

  • Commonly Asked Questions...

    Do I always need an acrylic sealer undercoat on bare plasterboard?

    Answer: It is strongly recommended that a wallboard sealer (or sealer undercoat) is applied as it provides a uniform surface for subsequent coats, and contributes to colour and sheen uniformity in the finish.
    Lavington Paint Centre
    Posted 5 days + 4 hrs ago
  • How did he even manage to make that much mess!Maryborough Paint Centre
    Posted 5 days + 3 hrs ago
  • A post from one of our painters who may still think he is in France.. But all in all a great tranformation This project has been a repaint of a bedroom. We've sanded,prepared and repainted in a more subtle colour scheme.PaintRight Colac
    Posted 21 hrs + 29 mins ago
  • Yes we supply wallpaper, wall murals & deco stickers!
    How great does this mural from PaintRight Devonport look?! Installed today and we have one very happy customer - thanks for the picture Luke!
    Where could you add a feature like this in your home? Amazing wallpaper thanks paintright😍👍🏻
    PaintRight Devonport
    Posted 4 days + 17 hrs ago
  • Thankyou so much Haymes paints for getting on board with our silo project...Weethalle Silo Art...would not be happening without you!Haymes Paint
    Posted 3 weeks + 2 days ago
  • Mermaid make over.. from boring black to real copper paint and oxidizing patina gorgeousness 😍😍😍Haymes Paint
    Posted 2 days + 14 hrs ago
  • Check out this Silo painted in NSW painted with Australian Owned Paint Company Haymes paint, looks fantastic.. #Paintright #Haymes #Paintedsilo #Colourfull In June 2017, Melbourne-based artist Heesco visited the small town of Weethalle (located in central NSW) to paint the town's largest Silo. Painting began on June 13 and was completed two weeks later, the local community and council came together to provide a wealth of support throughout the process. Paint supplied by Haymes Paint. A proud initiative of Bland Shire Council and The Baronlonga Pastoral Company (Paul & Jenny Northey) With valued sponsorship and support from: Regional Arts NSW - Country Arts Support Program Quade Moncrieff Livestock and Property Jemalong Wool Dunk Insurance Paint Spot, Footscray Millie BrownPaintRight Colac
    Posted 5 days + 2 hrs ago
  • Spanish Tiles wallpaper as featured in June Home Beautiful - styling john mangila, photography cath muscat Wallpapers
    Posted 3 weeks ago
  • This dining space just oozes relaxing vibes! Mixing natural materials like wood with a soft grey tone of Haymes Parchment Grey allows all the elements of the room to sit together in unison.

    Colour Used - Haymes Parchment Grey

    Styling by - Ruth Welsby
    Photography by - Martina Gemmola
    Credits: Clickon Furniture, House of Orange, Hunting for George
    Haymes Paint
    Posted 0 mins ago
  • Who said door frames are boring?
    Framing a space with a bright white will help highlight the colour palette of your walls. Haymes Greyology 1 is the perfect trim colour, allowing colours like Haymes Parchment Grey to create a warm and inviting vibe.

    Photography by Martina Gemmola
    Styling by Ruth Welsby
    Credits: Hunting for George, Clickon Furniture, Pickawall, Fenton & Fenton, Southwood
    Haymes Paint
    Posted 4 days + 23 hrs ago
  • Commonly Asked Questions...

    What clear coating can I put on my timber bench tops?

    Answer: Generally, a two-pack polyurethane, or a single pack moisture curing polyurethane gives the best overall protection. Haymes Easy Floor Gloss is also an excellent product to use.
    Lavington Paint Centre
    Posted 2 days + 21 hrs ago
  • Commonly Asked Questions...

    How can I stain my timber floorboards?

    Answer: Using a stain directly onto the timber is not generally recommended for two reasons. Firstly, it is very hard to achieve an even finish on such a large flat area. Secondly, if the floor coating wears through and into the colour, it is almost impossible to touch up the stain without having to sand completely back to raw timber. To avoid these problems, it is best to add a small amount of dye/spirit-based stain into the first one or two coats of a solvent based clear. Always finish off with a clear coat so that when the floor wears or gets scratched, you are only affecting the clear coating.
    Lavington Paint Centre
    Posted 1 week + 1 day ago
  • We love Quantum water based Micro Floor, its gives a fantastic finish and is very hard wearing....#Paintright #Quantum Quantum Microfloor Satin tinted to liming white. Applied by Warren WJ&KJ Floors 👍🏻 Awesome jobPaintRight Colac
    Posted 21 hrs + 56 mins ago
  • We just had to...Haymes Paint Trade
    Posted 1 day + 1 hr ago
  • 40L of paint was donated by Haymes for the recent transformation of the iconic Coober Pedy Blower Truck.

    Have you stopped off at this iconic Australian location?
    Haymes Paint Trade
    Posted 1 day + 18 hrs ago
  • By adding a mixture of both the colours from the Blended Neutrals palette and natural materials like wood, stone and ceramics you can add your own style to any space.
    Absolutely loving these House of Orange homewares paired with the blue/grey hues from our latest Colour Library volume.

    Colour Used - Haymes Sun Dew

    Styling By - Ruth Welsby
    Photography By - Martina Gemmola
    Homewares - House of Orange
    Haymes Paint
    Posted 1 day + 2 hrs ago
  • Haymes is thrilled to have been a part of this Fairhaven project with FMSA Architecture and Larkin & Drought Homes, that won Master Builders ‘2016 Best Custom Home $800,000 - $1M’ & ‘Best Sustainable Home’.

    Architect: FMSA Architecture
    Builder: Larkin & Drought Homes
    Painter: Chris Van Wanrooy
    Haymes Paint
    Posted 1 day + 21 hrs ago
  • How beautiful! This home shows how white walls can be warmed up & given plenty of character with colourful home decor. Thanks to @jasonproducts for the room inspiration.Simmers Paint & Hardware
    Posted 3 days + 3 hrs ago
  • Looking for the perfect combination of natural hues to update your home?
    This new palette of Blended Neutrals, with nuances of colours bring together nude tones and hints of pink and blue, to add a more grounded, softer and calming feel to a room.

    Colour Used - Haymes Siesta

    Styling By - Ruth Welsby
    Photography By - Martina Gemmola

    Credits: Norsu interiors, Hunting for George, Kate & Kate Home, CULT Design, House of Orange
    Haymes Paint
    Posted 1 day + 2 hrs ago
  • When it's almost home time..Haymes Paint Trade
    Posted 4 hrs + 42 mins ago
  • How beautiful! This home shows how white walls can be warmed up & given plenty of character with colourful home decor. Thanks to @jasonproducts for the room inspiration.Simmers Paint & Hardware
    Posted 7 hrs + 28 mins ago
  • This post from one of the great local painters just shows how much preparation needs doing before any paint goes on well done guys.. The boys have been flat out on this lovely home, with almost a full grind off and a 3 coat acrylic exterior paint system to follow after a few running repairs along the way this place will look like newPaintRight Colac
    Posted 1 day + 12 hrs ago
  • Haymes 'Murphy's Run' certainly gets our vote as a stand out feature in this recent shoot from our friends at Globe West. It adds perfect balance to the dark timbers and natural colour palette used to style this room. Colour used - Haymes Murphy’s runSimmers Paint & Hardware
    Posted 1 day + 16 hrs ago
  • On the 7th of May it was great to visit the old Dodge at 4 Pines Brewery Brookvale New South Wales, which is it's new home as a truck bar. We met and talked with Tom ( 4 Pines social media), patrons can access the trucks cab and here's Lachlan enjoying the old Dodge truck with the help of dad! 4 Pines Brewing CompanyE.W Bulte - Ararat PaintRight
    Posted 12 hrs + 1 min ago
  • There aren't a lot of family owned companies left in Australia & we're proud to be among that special group.

    Family is everything to us at Haymes!
    Haymes Paint
    Posted 3 days + 22 hrs ago
  • Posted 2 weeks + 6 days ago
  • This is true!Haymes Paint Trade
    Posted 40 mins ago
  • There aren't a lot of family owned companies left in Australia & we're proud to be among that special group.

    Family is everything to us at Haymes!
    Haymes Paint Trade
    Posted 3 days + 21 hrs ago
  • The best way to protect your home whilst making it look great! Paint Centre
    Posted 3 weeks + 6 days ago
  • Tips Tuesday: Before the pros paint walls, they fill holes and patch cracks with joint compound. But if you paint directly over it, the compound will suck the moisture out of the paint, giving it a flat, dull look (a problem called "flashing"). Those spots will look noticeably different than the rest of the wall. To avoid that, pros prime the walls before painting. Instead of using white primer, pros usually have it tinted gray or a color that's similar to the finish paint.Sequence Australia
    Posted 3 hrs + 21 mins ago