Outdoor Living

Outdoor living – don’t the words just make you feel good? In Australia, we love the outdoors – and gatherings with family and friends usually means an outside congregation. So, let’s explore how you can get a gorgeous outdoor living area for entertaining your guests at the family BBQ or just to personally enjoy some yoga down-time.



Firstly, think about why you want or need an outdoor living area – you need to remain conscious of your space and make your outdoor layout as practical as possible. Materials to consider when planning out your new outdoor area (whether you’re under or outside of a pergola); are, timber, stone and concrete as they can all be weatherproofed to withstand the elements.


The perfect mix of indoor and outdoor is something every home should experience – comfortable yet connected to nature. A key word in refining your outdoor living space, is: cozy. Cozying up your outdoor living space instantly makes it feel more home-y – you can achieve this by adding furniture that makes you feel warm and comfortable just by looking at it!


Also – lighting! Outdoor spaces are beautiful during the day, but what about the night-time? Some well chosen and placed lighting really takes your outdoor space to the next level – a simple option is festoon lighting (or, party lights) in your favourite tree but depending on your space, some pendant lighting could be the final touch you were looking for in creating that ambiance.

When it comes to outdoor-living styling and designing – the sky is your limit!



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