Outdoor Painting Tips

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Renovating the outside of your home may seem daunting but with our tips on painting the exterior of a house you’ll be painting like a pro before you can say, “Van Gogh”. To achieve a quality finish follow our 10 tips on outdoor painting and create an exceptional exterior for your home.

Tip #1

Ensure you check for any existing paint to make sure it is suitable for painting.

  • Check by cutting an “X” in the surface with a sharp knife.
  • Press some tape firmly over the “X” and pull it off.
  • If any existing paint is removed, this means the surface is not suitable for painting and will need to be removed by scraping and sanding it off.

Tip #2

Thoroughly wash away any dirt, dust and mould as the presence of contaminants on the surface can cause loss of adhesion of the new paint system.

The easiest way to clean the area is by pressure washing the surface. Hosing the surface with a garden hose will not produce enough pressure to ensure the surface is clean.

Tip #3

Sand any remaining chalky surfaces to remove all chalk.

Tip #4

Do not paint if rain or dew is expected within 24 hours.

Tip #5

Use a high quality acrylic exterior paint, such as Haymes Solashield, as acrylic paints have high UV resistance and last longer than solvent based enamel paints.

Tip #6

Paint in the shade, as it will be easier to apply, whereas the sun causes paint to dry too quickly and makes application difficult.

Tip #7

Avoid painting in very windy conditions, as wind also dries paint quickly and can deposit dust onto the painted surface.

Tip #8

Start on the wall areas and finish with the trims. For more information on painting trims and windows, simply watch our DIY video ‘How to Paint Exterior Trims and Windows’.

Tip #9

If you have weatherboards and want to know how to paint the outside of your house, simply watch our DIY video ‘How to Paint Exterior Weatherboards’

Tip #10

Now it’s time to stand back and enjoy the rewards.


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