Get the Look: Mediterranean (Interior Design) Styling


Mediterranean-style interior design generally refers to the aesthetics of Southern European countries that border the Mediterranean Sea, and originated in the 1920’s when people were a little more consumed with wealth and leisure. If you’re not a geographical wonder, these countries include Greece, Italy, Spain, Israel and Morocco – just to give you an idea.


Some key elements of Mediterranean style are:

  • An emphasis on indoor-outdoor living
  • Maximizing natural light
  • Arches
  • Exposed beams
  • Natural stone, tile and hardwood flooring
  • Airy and breezy living spaces
  • Natural materials throughout décor, (e.g., wood, rattan, tile, ceramics, terracotta, wrought iron, linen and cotton)


Mediterranean style is quite a special interior design style as many of its components are related to the homes architecture. In regards to the architectural side of Mediterranean, there are 3 main styles:

  • Italian renaissance - marked by columns and arches
  • Spanish revival - influences by clean lines and low rooves
  • Modern Mediterranean – focus on indoor-outdoor living and open floor plans.


However, if you are in love with the Mediterranean style – don’t let anything stand in your way – with a few bits and pieces, you got this, and this is where colour palette is super important! Think about colours that make you feel warmer, like warm whites, yellows, oranges, beiges, browns and all those accents in between – then to give it something special – think of colours that evoke refreshment and nature, like turquoises and blues which are representative of the sky and water. Houseplants are also an easy way to bring a sense of nature inside and encapsulate that indoor-outdoor living space.



Even though the ‘less-is-more’ mantra applies to Mediterranean styling – it’s important to remember that this style celebrates interesting patterns and mosaic tiles, open shelving that shows off dishware and glassware, and also handcrafted ceramics and rustic, sculptural objects. If things are starting to look a little disjointed and incohesive – play with more symmetry in your space (e.g., pairs of chairs, sofas, sconces, pendants, etc.).


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