Get the Look: Modern Styling

Modern design style is cross between German (or, Staatliches) Bauhaus and Scandinavian, it’s made up of a crisp and bright, monochromatic colour palette (think white, beige, gray, black and pastel tones), and clean lines. If you are after a sleek and minimalistic look, the modern style is for you. Remember to use natural materials (unpainted wood or metals, leather, glass, chrome, steel, concrete, etc.) and natural light.




You can take some of the edge off with natural elements and subtle pops of colour, such as a trendy piece of art, allowing you to take control of any space.




Colour is very important when it comes to Modern style. It’s recommended to use a lot of whites, greys and blacks - this keeps everything neutral and allows you to use natural elements without interfering with your palette. Using a monochromatic colour palette also allows you to highlight textures, like woods and metals for example.



Houseplants are a very welcome addition to this style as Modern styling can very easily become a little noir - greens and beiges help to bring life and colour back into your space while keeping to the theme of natural elements. Also remember your straight lines with modern styling - a modern space should look chic and somewhere in the realm of contemporary. However, Modern Styling is NOT Contemporary styling - to keep your concepts clear, keep up to date with all Paint Right blogs and you’ll have all the know-how in no-time.


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