Lighting Fixtures


If the new generation has taught us anything - it’s all about lighting. Check out the video from Paint Right to see a range of different fixtures from pendant lights to downlights and even festoon (or, party) lights - as they can all make a massive difference to your space, the same way that natural light largely impacts the tone and feel of your room.



When considering what type of lighting you want – first, check your space (do you have enough?). 


If your room is a bit on the small side, it may be best to go for some simple but effective downlights - downlights will make your room look a little more spacious while still maintaining its ambience.



If you’ve got a sufficient amount of space in your home or an open-living plan - pendant lighting can be really effective as a centre-piece or over a centre-piece (e.g., counter-tops and tables) and makes any space look that little more expensive – places in the home that usually suit pendants are kitchens and living rooms.



If you’re looking to snazzy up your outdoor lighting – try some festoon lighting! These lights always look great in a nice healthy tree or descending from the skirting of your outdoor area. If you’re thinking about these types of lights, indoors – try along exposed beams or look at different styles and sizes if you’ve got something else in mind.



Creative fixtures are where things can get a little crazy, with so many styles and designs to choose from – it can be difficult to choose between crystal chandeliers and hemp droplights. However, unless you have an incredible amount of space to fill – you should prioritize practicality.



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