Man Cave Must-Haves

One way or another, having a man cave has probably crossed your mind. Whether it be a place for you to escape with your mates to watch footy, drink beer and relax or you’re looking for somewhere to dump your husband for a while and enjoy some quiet time yourself. If you have the space, we have the answers! Let’s take a look at the essential elements that make every great man cave!

Colour Scheme

Colour scheme may seem insignificant but it is actually one of the most important factors in crafting a man cave that truly works as an escape from reality. Aim to make the room a darker space than the rest of the home, this helps to heighten that sense of coziness and ensure your man cave feels like a proper retreat!

Darker colours work best here, think about incorporating charcoals, dark browns and blacks on your walls, floors and cabinetry.  The use of natural elements, like wood and stone, also help to create a relaxing and peaceful setting. Bringing wood into your interior is one of the easiest and warmest of natural materials and comes in a range of finishes, species and applications. It may not actually be in a basement, but a proper man cave should emulate that underground, sanctuary feel.



Building on the “basement” vibes, try to limit the amount of natural light in the space. Natural light and the ability to see out into the world can break that feeling of isolation that man caves are built for. Limiting natural light of course raises the need for artificial sources and while simple LED downlights work well, incorporating classic, vintage or rustic-looking hanging lights and sconces can give the space a sense of class and sophistication for the more discerning gentlemen.

Last but certainly not least is a finishing touch on the lighting in the room and an absolute man-cave must have: Neon! Neon signs will bring a vintage feel to your man cave, as well as reinforcing the idea the space is your very own personal bar.



Furniture in a man cave should reflect the dark theme outlined above, while also prioritizing comfort. Aesthetics can only go so far, this is a man cave after all! Dark leather sofas and armchairs are perfect for providing that dark feel while also being incredibly comfy. For that classic, manly look think chesterfield sofas and armchairs.

Alternatively large, cushy modular sofas might be perfect for seating all of the boys at game time.



The quintessential part of any man cave, the bar must be up to scratch if your man cave is to succeed! You want a vintage feel, but that doesn’t mean black & white. This is where wood plays a big part, helping to create contrast in a room full of dark colours. Yellow or red coloured woods will add some life to the space, working perfectly as your bar’s countertop.

Bar fridges are also necessary components to keep the beer ice cold for all. There are many “retro” fridges available that can add some personalization to the space.



Last but certainly not least, every man cave must provide its patrons the best possible viewing experience for every big game. This of course relies upon having a (very) large TV. Wall mounted is the way to go here, coupled with a surround sound system to guarantee full immersion into the action. Projectors are also an option and can be quite cost effective in terms of screen size.

However, the TV doesn't have to be the only entertainment in you man cave. Consider some classic man cave options like pool tables and dart boards to keep everyone entertained in your “mantuary”!

Have Fun With It!

No matter what you do, make sure you have fun creating your man-cave! If you're on a budget, you don't have to go all-out all at once. Try to figure out what the focal pieces for your man cave are to be (like a pool table, entertainment system or bar) and focus on that first, filling out the rest of the room as you go. Making sure the space is fun and enjoyable should come first, so don't get caught up trying to make everything look awesome!

For more tips on how to get started and theme ideas, check out 3 Steps to Create the Ultimate Man Cave.