Watermelon & Avocado - Fruit Colour Inspo




This colour inspiration will have you feeling far from meloncholy! Whether you’re leaning more towards the pink or red side of watermelon, these tones invoke strength and stimulation. Whether used as a consistent theme or stand-alone piece, this colour is bound to stand out and so will your space!



In the image below (to the right), the red has been classically paired with black and white which accentuates the drama of this colour (which is close to a Haymes Paint: Geranium and can be gradient to Haymes colours like Heat and Riley’s Run which all have a saturated tone and rich pigment). Notice how the metallic textures add a level of sophistication to the colour palette, making it more pleasing to the eye and adds even more depth and dimension.



The image on the left (above) has been classically paired in the opposite way and stands out, equally. Instead of using black metallic furniture and decor, they’ve used white, wooden furniture which makes for an entirely different look and feel.



Reds are loud but can make for exquisite feature walls and help to exaggerate any space with vibrancy.



When painting with colours like pinks and red, it’s a lot of fun to play with layers - like in the above image to the left - notice how there are multiple shades and accents that add interest to the space.


Take a look at Haymes Paints beautiful array of Reds, here:





Okay, we know what you are thinking - “you’ve guac to be joking!”. However, green has solidified itself within design – it was 2021’s biggest colour trend throughout fashion and interior design because of how synonymous it is with nature and an organic tone – green is not going anywhere anytime soon.



Green represents growth, renewal, rebirth, luck, and wealth, and is part of a very big colour family. Greens have an impressive array of accents, opacities, hues and shades which make it a very versatile colour to use within the home.



Avocado can inspire many shades of green, from soft sage to olive green, to forest green. Embrace the feel of the great outdoors by bringing the green-room inside, with indoor plants and textured throws that compliment any space.


Head into your local PaintRight today to see which shades of the delicious avocado ignite your green thumb



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