Haymes’ Colour Forecast 2019

Haymes Paint’s latest re-edit of its colour forecast, Volume 11: Colour Conscience combines three central themes of contemporary living.

The palettes – Cohabitate, Contribute and Comfort – reflect our connection with social, environmental and personal wellbeing.

Each presents ways to define and individualise spaces within the home, while indulging in an exploration of light, contrast, tone and colour.



Cohabitate is a palette brimming with summery pastels – the new neutrals.

Gently alluring, relaxing and warm, these colours are ideal for clearly dividing and identifying interior spaces without walls and partitions. They create a sense of renewal and enhance a range of moods, injecting a freshness and vitality that lifts the spirit.

Colours in the Cohabitate palette form perfect backdrops for quiet reflection, intimate conversation, precious time with children and fun times with friends.



The Contribute palette introduces unpretentious and contrasting colour options emphasising monochrome hues, deep browns, neutrals and wood finishes. This range is ideal for classy kitchen spaces that complement easy living in the hub of the home. Colours blend effortlessly with classic kitchen surfaces like timber, ceramic, stone and laminate to create striking effects without sacrificing functionality.  

Contribute colours can be used just as effectively in combination with soft furnishings and textures to give bedrooms and other spaces in the home a warmth and feel inspired by the natural shapes, colours and textures of the Australian landscape.  



Comfort is all about retreating to quiet, calm places in the home where the clutter and frenzy of everyday life can be left behind, enveloping you in an inviting, warm and safe space. The palette highlights dark, intense hues and complex colour combinations that can be used to generate soft contrasting effects, which permit the use of light and tone in ways that enrich and enhance a sense of wellbeing and security. Comfort says it all!


Haymes’ Colour Conscience re-edit accentuates how using colour, design and texture in the home can create, renew and reinvigorate interior spaces to align perfectly with lifestyle and wellbeing.

Drop into your nearest PaintRight store to see it for yourself, and be inspired!