Building the Ultimate Cubby House

It’s spring school holidays and that means two things; warm weather and your kids telling you they’re bored. With so much technology in our lives these days, kids tend to stay inside longer and play outside less. But what if they had something that would draw them outside to play, somewhere they can use as the home base for all their adventures, their secret club, their castle. You already know what we’re going to say; cubby houses! Creating the perfect cubby house for your children is not as hard as it may seem. Whether you decide to build from scratch or buy a pre-fab cubby, here are some tips to make it the perfect space for your kids.

Your Design or Pre-Fab

Deciding between building a cubby from scratch or buying one pre-made is entirely up to you. There are multiple companies that sell a wide range of cubbies to suit every backyard, but if you find them to be a little too generic then perhaps building your own is the way to go. It may seem daunting but building something on such a small scale can be a great way to practice your carpentry skills so if you’re not a master builder don’t immediately count this option out. Either way, when it comes to putting the cubby together, try and get your kids involved as much as possible. Helping you build their own little home will give them a great sense of achievement and memories they’ll never forget!

Adding Extras

Now that the basic structure of the cubby has been put up, it’s time to get creative! While it may just look like a little house to you, this cubby is bound to take on a multitude of different forms in your kids’ minds. From a medieval castle to space ships, from running their own café to sailing the seven seas, this cubby will transform to fit your child’s adventures. As such, adding a few little extras will help them to fully immerse themselves in their imagination, fostering their creativity. If your kids love pirates, consider adding a ‘mast’ and a wheel to your cubby. If they’re the kings and queens of a medieval world, maybe some ‘towers’ and a drawbridge style door will help defend them against attacking dragons. Whatever it may be, these small additions to your cubby will be that little extra motivation to bring your kids outside and into their own personalized world.


The cubby is now complete, but it won’t truly feel like a home until it’s furnished! Again, your child’s individual personality will guide this a little but there are some must-have’s to include in your cubby. It’s all about creating a comfortable and creative space, so pillows, blankets, tables and chairs are all great to include, letting your kids feel truly as though their cubby is their own little house. You might also want to include a bookshelf and create a reading corner, or maybe some paper holders to encourage your kids’ artistic abilities. Flowerboxes are also a great way to to beautify the cubby and give your kids some responsibility for watering the plants as well.

Finishing the Job

Last but not least, you need to bring your cubby to life with a paintjob! If you’ve built your cubby from timber, you may want to keep that natural finish. Simply Woodcare’s Wood Stain allows you to add some colour to your timber while leaving the natural grain visible. You might want to get a little more creative however and paint your cubby in your child’s favourite colour! If this is the case, Haymes Elite Exterior with its excellent UV protection is the perfect choice to ensure your cubby stays a vibrant and attractive outdoor experience for your children, no matter the weather it faces!