Fight Your Deck's Visible Signs of Aging in 3 Simple Steps

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Australians love the great outdoors and during summer our decks become the heart of the home, playing host to countless BBQs, family get-togethers and lazy afternoons outside. This year, don’t let ageing, greying timber hinder you from enjoying your deck with family and friends. Replenishing and protecting your deck from UV damage can be achieved in three simple steps with Cabot’s.

Loss of colour is the first visible sign of decaying timber and signals the surface layer is beginning to deteriorate. This is often followed by cracks, splinters or fungi and mould. Just as we always apply sunscreen to our skin when heading outdoors, it’s important to ensure our decks are well protected from the elements, to ensure they continue to look good all year long.

Caring for your deck is just like a beauty regime – exfoliate, nourish and rejuvenate to wind back time and revitalise your timber.



Using a mix of Cabot’s Deck Clean and water in your Cabot’s Deck Hand Bucket, scrub your timber with a Cabot’s Deck Scrub Broom to rid it of degraded timber fibres (the signs of ageing) and dirt. By eliminating the impurities and surface contaminants you ensure a smooth finish when you apply your refreshing deck oil.


Now that you’ve prepped your timber, it’s time to nourish your clean, dry deck with Cabot’s Aquadeck. This water-based product is best applied with a lambswool applicator to ensure there are no streaks, lines or blend marks.

Apply Aquadeck liberally to the entire length of the timber board, approximately 2-3 boards at a time.


Allow two hours drying time between coats. Once your first coat is dry, grab your lambswool applicator and repeat the process for a refreshed, young looking timber. When you’re done, wash your tools thoroughly in water. Wait at least eight hours before replacing furniture on your revitalised deck.
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