Top Tips for DIY Deck and Woodcare Maintenance

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DIY doesn’t have to be a disaster. Deck care and maintenance can be easy and achievable, as well as long lasting. All it takes is a few of the right tools, correct application and a little elbow grease to keep your outdoor entertaining area in top shape.

Wendy Payne, Business Development Manager for Simply Woodcare by Haymes, shares her insider tips for DIY deck cleaning and finishing.

It all starts with a solid foundation

Find out what type of timber you’re using and don’t be afraid to ask a Haymes expert for a few recommendations on the perfect way to prepare your timber before applying your desired timber coating.

Weather away

A tip for new timber: allow the wood to weather properly – expose it to sunlight and water over a recommended period of time depending on the timber type.

This will remove any surface tannins and natural resins that can affect how the timber finish is absorbed.

After the timber is well weathered, clean it with an oxalic-based wood cleaner, such as Haymes Simply Woodcare Wood Cleaner.

Don't skimp on tools

Invest in a good-quality brush or applicator – this will make a wealth of difference for long-term deck care and maintenance.

Follow the instructions

It may sound simple, but with DIY projects, it’s always beneficial to ensure you use the correct amount of product per square metre.

As a rule thumb, if you’re using a product like Simply Woodcare’s Dexpress, one litre works for 10 square metres of decking. So a 10 litre can will cover 100 square metres with a single coat, or 50 square metres with a twin coat.

Keep up the good work

Don’t let your outdoor entertainment area deteriorate – maintain your deck.

Clean the surface area regularly with a mild detergent and keep a lookout for signs that your deck may need a recoat: patchiness or colour deterioration are tell-tale signs.

Regular upkeep and maintenance will extend the lifespan of your deck.

With the right product, like Simply Woodcare’s Dexpress – an easy-to-use, fast-drying stain – your deck will have a low-lustre, long-lasting finish, protecting it from rain, hail or shine.

You’ll have one less thing to worry about, so even when guests show up unannounced, you’ll be able to count on your deck for support, without a peel or crack in sight.