Coastal chic or casual luxe? The latest timber colour trends from Haymes

Article by Haymes Paint


Take a look around any home design magazine, and you’ll see that timber, once simply a material used in construction, is now very much a stand-alone feature in contemporary architecture and design, both indoors and outdoors. Built-in timber seats (with sneaky storage) are the perfect place to perch, drink in hand, on a hot summer evening. Planter boxes give instant height and define outdoor spaces, whilst the lifestyle perks that come with having a functional and beautiful deck really come into their own in summer. Is it time to give your timber a starring role in your indoor and outdoor living spaces?

The colour considerations that you apply to indoor spaces are equally as important when considering outdoor shades. Stain shades such as those in our Greys and Rustics palette deflect the heat and tap into a coastal, casual vibe, whilst the golden tones in our Browns and Traditional palettes create a tropical resort feel.

The Haymes Woodcare Colour Brochure features timber products that embrace all colour trends:


Designers often turn to nature to inspire colour and design. Our stylists here at Haymes are using outdoor timber stains and colours with silver to grey tones to feature timber structures such as decks, seating and pergolas. These echo driftwood, stone and pebble tones, and are at home with natural rock features in adjacent garden beds. Grey is a soft, serene palette which is calming, yet contemporary, cozy and atmospheric. In an outdoor space, it is soothing and textural.


Tropical and resort style is a less of a trend in that it’s always in demand- and who wouldn’t appreciate that resort vibe in their own living space as a permanent place to retreat from the daily grind? Golden tones in decks create a suburban sanctuary, whilst orange timber stains add a sense of vibrancy and energy to a space. These golden, glowing tones are warm, luxe and relaxed, and look amazing against the deep blues and greens of a swimming pool.


Monochrome shades are dramatic yet cozy. An exciting trend we’re watching emerge is the repetition of outdoor colours used in interior spaces- and our charcoal shades are a perfect choice to seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living. They look fantastic in outdoor rooms and kitchens off a main living area. Charcoal walls and fences are perfect for creating a sense of space outdoors, as boundaries seemingly disappear. Spaces feel sophisticated and contemporary. Greenery is highlighted, and charcoal adds a sense of depth to a space.


Similar in feeling and tone to our greys palette, rustics has an emphasis on raw materials. Nature-inspired, rustics add warmth and a relaxed texture to timber features. Think spaces inspired by the coast and by the bush, weathered patinas and highlighted timber grains.

Timber elements can help define an area for a specific use- outdoor dining, poolside fun or relaxing by a fire pit. The colours you choose for these areas are as essential to the space’s success, as those you choose for indoors. Pop into your local stockist to have our colour specialists work with you to select the perfect colour palette for your space- one that is on trend, yet more importantly, one that you will enjoy for many years to come.

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