Cool or Warm Whites


When deciding between cool or warm whites, think about the lighting in your room and the vibe you want to create within your space.


Warm whites have a yellow, red or brown base and work well in room that get less sun and work well to create a cozy atmosphere (e.g., Cottage style) - while Cool whites have a blue or black base which work well in rooms that get a lot of sun and work well with Scandinavian or hyper-modern design styles.

Choosing a warm or cool white could the piece of the puzzle you’re missing in your space. Think about what you want to feel when you walk into the room (warmer? Or cooler?) – it’s important to also consider your lighting in the room as it can also make quite a difference to overall feel of a room – are you using warm incandescent lighting or cool fluorescent lighting?


Look at the image below to find where you’d like to sit within the spectrum of light.



If you’re still having a hard time choosing whether you need a warmer or cooler white for your space – visit your nearest PaintRight store and get some more advice.


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